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Shane taylor heaven

we few, we happy few, we band of brothers..."

The Shane taylor community <33
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"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he who sheds blood with me this day, shall be my brother..."

Shane Taylor
Welcome to the Shane Taylor community!
Here you can share anything that's got anything to do with the talented english actor and the roles that he has played.
Shane is probably most known for his role in the BBC series Band of brothers in which he starred as the medic Eugene Roe, who fought alongside and helped the men of Easy company during World War two.
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yes, there are some rules ;)
1. Post ALOT even if it's just to remind everyone how GREAT Shane taylor is.
2. Be nice to eachother!
3. If you use anything from this userinfo on your own, link back here :)
4. Big pictures go under an LJ-cut ( PICTURE AND OTHER SHANE STUFF XD)
5. Remember Shane's birthday (March 13th)

Affilates: ruspoli<

Easy company site <3
Awesome shane taylor site
Info on Eugene Roe
Have any good sites with Shane/Eugene Roe? Please tell me xD

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My hero! Eugene Roe
Eugene Roe, one of my and many other's heroes who fought in WWII. Eugene died in 1999.