0bliviouscharm (0bliviouscharm) wrote in shane_taylor,

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*shyly pokes her head in*

Hey... ^^;;;;

I have finally admited to myself that I have seemingly aquired a new obsession.

*takes a breath*

I find myself rather taken with Eugene Roe. Yes. Smitten, even. I am not ashamed to admit it. Despite sharing it with one of my closest friends who on a regular basis I spaz to about other such things, she could not understand. (then again, Im used to that.) She teased. She poked fun. Needless to say, I babbled on anyway. As well I should, for I listen to all her latest objects of affection. Its only fair, is it not?

So, I turned to a place where I knew I would find people who would understand and appreciate such an obsession. And here I am, pleased to make all of your acquaintances. *gives a courtly bow*

Feel free to befriend. I'll share my chocolate bar. ;]
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