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I was thinking...

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Shane Taylor (yet again...) But I was thinking...

(I most likely should have posted this in my own journal, but I don't think many would have looked at it o__o ack so I'm sorry >w<)

Well, since I'm currently inlove with Rick Gomez, I was thinking of making a community!
&Since there is already a James Madi, and of course a Shane Taylor fan community, why not have a Rick Gomez one? Ah anyways, I'll be working on that! I'll be sure to post the link in my journal this time xD

&&P.s. I'm still working on those Shane Taylor icons! Just need to get around to it >D
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I love Rick Gomez, geez!! MAKE A COMMUNITY!!! :lol ..
Awesome, I'm working on it! :D
^___^ Btw, I made the community x] just letting chu know hehe. ^-^
W00t!! That's a great idea!! Rick Gomez is awesome!! Both as an actor and a voice actor! XD I'll join for sure O:
Whooots <33
yayz you think we could be affies? o__o
but offcourse >:3 both on Shane_taylor and James_madio then??! XD
Yesha!! :D
If that's alright with you. x3
we shall pwn